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New Data: Hunger Still Skyrocketing in NYC

November 21, 2006

Today the Coalition Against Hunger released its newest annual survey of hunger in NYC, demonstrating that despite the soaring stock market and other positive economic indicators, the number of NYC residents forced to feed their families at soup kitchens and food pantries continues to grow. See the press release and full report.

Update: These numbers generated stories Thanksgiving week from the following print outlets: the New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Newsday, Metro NY, AM NY, Hoy, El Diario La Prensa, Queens Chronicle, Queens Tribune, Queens Ledger, Brooklyn Courier Life, City Limits Weekly, Christian Post and People’s Daily Online, and the wire services Associated Press, Agence France Presse and Xinhua. Segments aired on the following television programs: NBC News, ABC News, NY1 News, NY1 “Inside City Hall,” NY1 “The Call,” Univision Noticias, Telemundo Noticias, My9 News, WPIX News, Brooklyn/Bronx 12 News, Fox 5 News (unconfirmed), and Bronx Net “Bronx Talk.” Radio segments aired on the following stations: WNYC News, 1010 WINS, WWRL “The Armstrong Williams Show,” WBAI News, WBAI “Talkback w/ Hugh Hamilton” and WBAI “Wake-Up Call.”

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 22, 2006 6:12 pm

    On Monday November 20, 2006, Congressman Jerrold Nadler paid a visit of support to Masbia, Brooklyn’s first kosher soup kitchen. He welcomed some patrons, served them a hearty dinner, and conversed with the administrators and founders. They discussed some pressing issues of poverty in the community, and ways to improve the situation. A national healthcare system was discussed; free trade versus fair trade, education, retraining middle aged whose jobs were lost to the China and India. And a gradual way to get people off government benefits and integrates them into a better income work force.

    As Nadler left Masbia he related “In 1979 when I was at the assembly, [Mayor Ed] Kotch created a new kind of poverty board, in the Upper west side and we had a certain amount of money, 6 -7 hundred thousand dollars, I don’t remember. We had to give out to various groups, and it struck me then that nothing went to Jewish groups. That nobody knew that there was such a thing as Jewish poverty, nobody talked about it. (Joseph Rapaport, business editor of Hamodia newspaper interrupted – it’s like a taboo) And I insisted that…well, because people don’t want to admit it.”

    At the door he relayed to reporters, “This (Masbia) is a wonderful place, for the great mitzvah it is. It’s sad that it’s necessary to feed people like this. But it is necessary, and it’s a great shanda for our society; number one, that it’s necessary, and number two that you need private tzedaka to use, but thank g-d for this.”

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