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Artist’s work in meditation space feeding hungry souls in Brooklyn

October 20, 2009

miya ando

Minimalist steel artist Miya Ando has recently chosen to focus on creating public art pieces for spiritual or meditative spaces.  Her most recent project is a grid of 144 steel squares in the nondenominational meditation space of St. John’s Bread and Life.  “I believe that nourishing of the soul is also very important in the hunger issue,” said Ms. Ando.  The piece, titled “Fiat Lux: Let There Be Light,” is “meant to serve as a visual representation of transcendence and hope, compassion and serenity in a non-denomination but spiritual space,” said Ms. Ando.

A descendent of Japanese Sword maker Ando Yoshiro Masakatsu, Ms. Ando was raised in two distinct cultures – a mountainous region of Northern California and a Buddhist temple in Japan, where she was raised by swordsmiths turned Buddhist priests.  She has been working with steel canvases for more than a decade to create quiet, abstract and meditative environments.

To learn more about Miya Ando visit her website at

St. John’s Bread and Life has served Bedford-Stuyvesant residents since 1982.  Everyday they serve over 2,000 meals to hungry New Yorkers.  For more information about St. John’s Bread and Life visit

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