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Pass A1681 Now to Eliminate Finger Imaging for Food Stamps

June 29, 2010

Pass A1681 Now to Eliminate Finger Imaging for Food Stamps:

Last night the NY State Senate passed S6291, which eliminates  the requirement that food stamp applicants be finger imaged to receive their benefits.

A1681 is the same Assembly version of that bill, but it hasn’t passed through the State Assembly and we are running out of time. We need you to call your assembly member at their Albany office in support of A1681 and urge them to move the bill out of the Ways and Means Committee and onto the floor IMMEDIATELY.

For Individuals:

To find your assembly member’s contact info, go here. Call their Albany office. When you call, you can say:


My name is ________.  I am calling to urge Assemblymember  _____________ to support bill A1681. Not only do we need your support, we need you to assist  Chairman Farrell of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee in getting this bill onto the floor for a vote ASAP.

This bill eliminates the finger imaging requirement to receive food stamps. In New York City, people who are eligible to receive food stamps must be finger printed.  Many people are discouraged from applying either because they don’t have the time to have finger imaging done, or because they misunderstand the requirement.  The Senate just passed its own version of this bill.  The Assembly has passed the bill in previous sessions, and we would like for the Assembly to pass bill A1681 as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time.

For Organizations:

Organizations can send Memorandums of Support to Assembly Member Wright’s office on behalf of their organization. These letters can be short and to the point. NYCCAH has submitted a Memorandum of Support on A1681, which you can use as a template to create your own.

Send your Memo of Support in an email attachment to: and

The more organizational support we show, the more likely we are to get this bill passed.

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