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Sign On Letter: Tell Senators You Oppose Cuts to SNAP/Food Stamps

August 2, 2010

If you are a national, state, or community-based organization, please take a moment to sign on here to a letter opposing cuts to the SNAP/food stamps program.

The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) is circulating a letter to Senate leaders who are considering cutting billions from future SNAP/food stamp benefits to offset the cost for other legislative priorities.

NYCCAH, FRAC, and other groups strongly oppose using SNAP funding to pay for other programs — regardless of the merits of those proposals. SNAP/Food Stamp cuts should never be used as a way to pay for legislation.

It takes two minutes: click this link, and add your organization by Tuesday, August 3.

Background on Proposals to Cut SNAP/Food Stamps:
The proposals would cut short a boost in benefits included in the Economic Recovery Act and return benefits to lower levels at which families often run out of food in the third or early in the fourth week of the month. The cut would increase hunger and obesity by making it even harder for struggling families to purchase healthy, adequate, food.

Taking money from the neediest seniors, children and households in America is not an acceptable way to pay for other legislative priorities – regardless of the merits of those proposals.  Economists and lawmakers agreed that the higher benefit level is needed to fight hunger and grow the economy. This is an investment we should protect, not raid.

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