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This fall, 135 NYC schools will be removed from the Universal School Meals Program

August 20, 2010

Due to budget cuts, the Department of Education has recently announced that 135 schools will be removed from the Universal School Meals program (Provision 2). Provision 2 allows schools to provide universal free meals for 4 years, requiring parents to complete applications only in the first year. By exiting the program, parents will once again need to fill out an application for their student to receive free or reduced priced meals. Schools losing Provision 2 will revert to the traditional 3-tiered school lunch system – i.e., for students to receive free or reduced-priced meals, they will have to submit a schools meals application.

What parents need to know:

• If a child’s application is not turned in, the child will be placed in the full-price category and will be required to pay for lunch regardless of eligibility ($1.50 per lunch).

• Applications are due by October 1st, giving the schools and parents a window of only 12 schools days in September to fill out the application.

For a list of schools that will no longer participate in the Universal School Meals program, click here.

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