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Day 2, Thoughts from a Food Stamp Challenge Participant

September 21, 2010

We devoted much more time than usual to planning our weekly meals and our grocery shopping for this week was different than most, since we were counting every penny. We put things back on the shelves that we couldn’t afford, and made some swaps for less expensive items like a loaf of bread with more slices per loaf than what we usually buy. I think we are not eating enough fruits and veggies according to the food pyramid, but we just couldn’t afford them. We decided that veggies from our community garden plot are not “free” especially since every new yorker doesn’t have access to growing space. Especially at dinner last night, we felt more appreciative of food than usual.

At first I thought that the difference between the two daily allowances of $4.33 and $3.75 wasn’t that much—but 58 cents per day can buy two oranges and now I feel like that is huge. I’m having a difficult time planning what we can eat that  is healthy and in our budget on Thursday and Friday.

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