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A Thought on Fruit from Joel Berg, Executive Director and Food Stamp Challenge Participant

September 22, 2010

Joel's lunch at the office, Day 1

The last time I did the Food Stamp Challenge was in 2007 with Council Member Eric Gioia. At that time, I bought a value pack of apples, which included 10 small apples and cost $2.99, $0.30/each.

I commented that, “While the USDA recommends two cups of orange vegetables per week, I had none that week. USDA recommends two fruits daily, but I was only able to have one. And that one was a store-bought, mealy, non-organic apple that wasn’t very tasty. But it was the best I could get for 30 cents. Wonderful-tasting, crisp, organic apples, available just a few blocks from my apartment at one of the city’s best farmers’ markets, cost 50 cents a piece and were out of my price range that week.”

This time around though,  I couldn’t even afford the cheaper supermarket apples. The cheapest apples were 88 cents per pound but were in a six pound basket, equaling a $5.28 minimum of which I couldn’t afford.

Thus I will have no fruit at all for the entire five days.

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