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The House could be voting on the Senate CNR bill tomorrow…. Tell them to vote NO.

September 23, 2010

Tomorrow, the House could vote on the Senate version of Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR), which would be paid for by cutting food stamp funding. As an anti-hunger group, we never thought we would oppose a child nutrition bill, but the Senate version of CNR will do little to end child hunger.

An hour ago, all Representatives were asked whether they would support passage of the Senate CNR bill. Their responses are due by noon tomorrow; these will signal to House Leadership whether it’s feasible to pass the Senate bill through the House.

Thanks to your lobbying efforts, back in August, all New York City Congress members signed a letter to Speaker Pelosi opposing paying for CNR with food stamps, except Rep. Ackerman and Rep. Hall.

Call your Congress Member one more time (find their info here) and remind them to keep their word:

“I’m calling about the Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill. In August Representative ______ opposed the Senate CNR bill because it took funding from food stamps, and I applaud that decision. I urge them to  vote no on the Senate CNR bill tomorrow. We shouldn’t cut food stamps to pay for child nutrition.”

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