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Thoughts from a Food Stamp Challenge Participant

September 23, 2010


This is a very difficult challenge to say the least!

I started off the challenge by going grocery shopping for the week. Let me preface my comments by saying that I usually spend more than $20 a day for lunch and sometimes more with an extra Grey Goose Martini.  The food budget for me and my wife usually lands around $80 a week, not including the occasional dinner or brunch out.  But, I thought I could make a good go of it by planning ahead.  Here was my menu for the week:

  1. Tetley tea bags – $3.59
  2. Stop and Shop –Italian Sweet Sausage – 6 sausages –  $1.99
  3. Celeste Pizza for one – 2 @ $1.00 each
  4. Campbell’s Chicken Soup 2 @ $1.00 each
  5. Campbell’s Tomato Shop 1 @ $1.00 each
  6. Stop & Shop 2% Milk ½ Gal. $2.39
  7. Stop & Shop Saltine Crackers 16 Oz. $2.00
  8. Stop & Shop Peanut Butter  – $2.39
  9. Muffins (DAY OLD) Package of 4 – $2.50

TOTAL — $19.86

Yesterday, I was very frugal knowing that I am already running out of food and it was only Tuesday. I had already eaten nearly ½ my weeks supply of food the first day – well, except for the tea bags!

I think the worst thing is worrying about what you will eat today to insure you’ll have enough for tomorrow –  worrying about your next meager meal while others seem to be out wining and dining.  That must be very wearing and draining.  How do people do it?

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