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The Real Life Impact of SNAP/Food Stamp Cuts

September 24, 2010

Food purchased with the current food stamp/SNAP allotment: 1 person for 5 days

Reflects Upcoming Obama/Congressional Budget Cuts

Amount of food to be taken away every 5 days from each low-income person due to Obama/Congressional food stamp/SNAP budget cuts.

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  1. S.Bavarsky permalink
    January 30, 2011 11:35 pm

    It is hard to imagine how much food you are actually getting with a box of pasta or a bag a vegetables, however, seeing pictures is a much clearer way to understand. I am shocked by the amount of food they will expect a person to live on for an entire week. A person cannot live on pasta and lentils alone. As a college student I know I would not even be able to feed myself with only crushed tomatoes, a bag or lentils and a box of pasta. How could anyone feed themselves and stay healthy on that diet?


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