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Action Alert: We told Congress not to cut SNAP to pay for CNR, and they listened.

September 30, 2010

Congress adjourned and extended the current child nutrition act until 2010 meaning that thanks to your phone calls and emails, the House did not pass the Senate’s flawed CNR bill that cut SNAP. The extension gives Congress more time to find another way to pay for this bill and to keep our nutrition safety net strong.

Good work!

We expect the House of Representatives to take up Child Nutrition Reauthorization in the Lame Duck session after the elections.

Let’s keep up our message: We want to fix the SNAP cut and pass a good child nutrition bill that isn’t funded by another nutrition program – they are both important priorities and there shouldn’t be a choice between them.

Click here to tell your Representative to pass a bill in the Lame Duck session that will end child hunger and uses other funding sources to pay for the bill.

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