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Keep up momentum to end child hunger!

November 9, 2010

A key step in ending child hunger is to ensure that all children eat breakfast and lunch everyday.

Right now, the federal bill that would ensure more children have access to school meals and nutrition programs is up for renewal. Congress adjourned in September and extended the current Child Nutrition Act (CNR) through 2010. Next week, they’ll come back for the lame duck session, so we need to tell them that child nutrition is a priority.

Why do we need CNR? It will expand access to the school meal program and after-school snacks so more children can get the food they need.

What’s the hold up? Unfortunately, the Senate version of CNR proposed funding the Reauthorization through making cuts to the food stamp/SNAP program. Low income people rely on both food stamps/SNAP and school meals: we cannot cut one to pay for the other.

Advocates pressured Congress not to make the cut to food stamp/SNAP, so we’re still waiting to pass a CNR bill and we need to do it NOW before Congress becomes more conservative.

To learn how to call Congress and the White House, and to mobilize your friends, go here.

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