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NYCCAH Food Action Board Members Celebrate A Year of Hard Work and Major Accomplishments!

January 6, 2011

On Tuesday, January 4th, NYCCAH hosted a ceremony for many of our most dedicated Food Action Board (FAB) Members.The FABs are political engagement groups that meet every two weeks for training on advocacy and hunger issues. The goal of the FABs is to bring the voices of people facing food insecurity back into the public policy dialogue around hunger.

Tuesday was a fabulous night to celebrate all the accomplishments our members have made- from calling their Congressman for the first time to talking with press, the FAB members have come along way. Over the past year NYCCAH has offered a variety of trainings, geared at leadership and activism, including Public Speaking 101, Civics: How a Bill Becomes a Law, Computer Basics, Communication Techniques, etc.

NYCCAH organizers plan to offer the same set of ten trainings to new Action Board members, and these trained FAB members will go on to do more extensive projects and trainings. NYCCAH community organizers run the meetings at 5 food pantries and soup kitchens in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Congratulations to all of these FAB members:

Alex, Angel, Barbara, Cynthia, Desi, Edasun, Frank, Geraldine, Gloria, Imani, Jose, Joseph, Lynda, Mark, Martha, Myra, Patricia, Phillip, Rollie, Yolanda, and Yvonne.

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